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DESMOND DEKKER (b. 1943 - † 2006)


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1963-1968 - Trojan - studio - discs:2

Desmond Dacres was born on July 16th 1943 in the Parish of St. Andrews. He spent his early years at The Alpha Boys School in Kingston was his mother's death forced him to relocate to the country. Back in town Desmond started to write some compositions and approached the producer Leslie Kong who initially refused to make him auditioning. Finally Kong took some time to listen to Desmond. As a result a session was scheduled and "Honour Your Mother And Father" and "Madge" were cut. This single recorded and released in 1963 was a success. Other singles were cut in 1964. In the mean time a new ternd was settled: the vocal groups. Desmond formed the Cherry Pies cutting two songs in 1964. During those days Kong made Desmond the lead singer a group he had booked called the Four Aces. The hits started to flow. With the departure of a member of the group was renamed the Aces. In 1966 "007 (Shanty Town)" hit Jamaica and the UK with its new Rocksteady sound. The Rude Boys tragic mania brought other tunes addressing the same issues. In 1968 Desmond's first long player was released with the title "Intensified". The Lp contained a classic: "Poor Me Isrealites", unfortunately not presented here. In 1970 Dekker moved to London. A crucial hit appeared: "You Can Get It If You Really Want". In the mean time the death of Leslie Kong put a stop to Desmond's recording activity that would last to approximately 1975. The present collection contains fourtysix tracks from the golden age of Desmond Dekker's career spreading from 1963 to 1968. From pure Ska to Rocksteady he have the opportunity to appreciate one of the greatest hit makers of those years. Since I am attracted from the Roots sounds I must point out that there is a real gem from 1965 (!) called "Fu Man Chu": a slow mood Roots tracks years ahead. Apart from this track the rest will enlight the 60's Jamaican music lovers. Here all was produced by Leslie Kong. Enjoy the old style!




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