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DERRICK MORGAN (b. 1941 - )


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1995 - Heartbeat - studio - discs:1

The legendary Derrick Morgan started his career in 1956, when fifteen years old he performed at the Palace Theatre in Kingston for a talent show. The rest is history. But you will not find much history here about this giant of the Jamaican music. The material collected here comes from 1995, and was produced by Morgan and Bunny Lee. But the year of the recordings should say something. Infact the rhythm tracks were managed by the Hardcore Ragga producers Mafia and Fluxie. The result is embarassing. There is no way to understand the importance of Morgan during the Ska and Rocksteady era with these kind of arrangements. They are not particularly bad but for sure even the slightest attempt to reproduce those sounds totally fails. Sooner or later for sure Yardie will be back with some serious compilation to comment, delivering also the historical details of this giant.


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