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1976 - Frontline - studio - discs:1

The Barbados born Dennis Bovell (1953) is more than mere musician. During the 70's he was the leader of the Matumbi, ; he operated Sufferer's HiFi, one of the UK biggest sound system; he produced a lot of music too. These two set were born with the pourpose to reproduce on vinyl what a sound system dance was. I am not pretty convinced by the results, but at the time this set and his counterpart "Leggo! Ah-Fi-We-Dis" wad a lot us success in the UK. These two albums consist of sound system specials and Dub plates. All the music here is English based sound system recordings and the authenticity is provided by the close links that Bovell had with the Jamaican market. At the beginning, before being released, there tracks were used by Bovell Sufferer's HiFi sound system only and later they were selled as full lenght records. All the tracks on both albums follow one another with the intent to give some links from one tune to the next one. All the music is played by Matumbi.



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1976 - Frontline - studio - discs:1

This set was released close to "Ah Who Seh? Go Deh" and I ask you to read about it to get the meaning of these productions. This album has a more dark mood than the previous album. The sound is less soft and easy and on the contrary is more focused on a dread side. For this reason this set is much more interesting.

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