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1976 - Frontline - studio - discs: 1

Delroy Washington, a Jamaican London based singer, releases "I - Sus" as his debut album. This is a very strong set expecially if it is compared to other UK jamaica's sons albums and to the jamaican sets too. 1976 was an epocal year and it's a pity that this great artist is almost forgotten in some of the "patented" Reggae guides. The album goes straight without indulgeing. The rhythm is always filled with pure Roots with some inna one-drop style. The opening "Jah Wonderful" opens setting immediatly the mood. "Midnight Ravers" is among the best versions of some song from Marley and the Wailers. The same must be said of the "Soull Rebel" version from The Gladiators. "Gonna Keep On Movin' " is the lowest peak and in the first release it was the opening on the 2nd side. After that "every stone goes inna de right place", again. "Observance" and "Time Passage" should last 8':00"! Washington voice and backing band sound perfectly. This is very high quality Roots Music. Indeed. And it is a debut! Bless.




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1977- Frontline - studio - discs: 1

This is something very different from what you would expect from a 1977 reggae album but the front cover should suggest it. This set goes further than the debut album "I - Sus" did: it goes straight to a multifaced musical realm. Delroy Washington, a Jamaican singer based in London, releases "Rasta" as his second album. This is a masterpiece that stays away from the 70's mainstream reggae. The vibes are full of jazzy - funkish - even blues rock influences mixed in a complex Roots filled texture. It starts with a Nyahbingi fuelled tune - "Chant" - spiced from the first notes by jazzy sounds. The title track "Rasta" - inna funkysh style - tells more than a declaration about the true Washington's Rastafarian beliefs. Deep low Roots in "Mystic Revelation" (one of the best tunes). Joyful vibes - despite the words - in "Dress Back". A huge heart breaking and stellar "You Know I Want To Be". New beautiful territories in this set. This time we are a thousand chains from the crossover experiments.

1. Chant
2. Ratsa
3. Mystic Revelation
4. Brothers In Trouble
5. Wake Up Jamaica
6. Zion
7. There Must Be A Way
8. Dress Back
9. You Know I Want To Be
10. Chant 2



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