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2010 - Jah Solid Rock- studio - discs:1

Albert "Apple" Gabriel, is a former member of the legendary Israel Vibration, originally founded with Cecil "Skeleton" Spence, and Lascelles "Wiss" Bulgrin. In 1997 Apple went solo and in 1999 he recorded his LP debut called "Another Moses". Things did not get on the right direction and sadly Apple got poor to the point of living in the streets of Atlanta, USA. But as someone said a long time ago, "better must come". No other words are better fitting. In 2009 Jah Solid Rock music label and Amsterdam (Holland) based production-crew "Not Easy At All Productions" changed everything. They recorded Apple at Rocksteady Studio in Atlanta and Not Easy Dubshelter studio in Amsterdam and Huston Music in Arnhem (Holland). What is the result? On ten songs we get seven 12" - Showcase style performances. Are they good? Absolutely! Are they Roots? Of course! Apparently there is a lot of Israel Vibration style, but after some listenings something else emerge. Apple flows cool and calm, confident, stronger than ever, as if life with all that suffering never touched him (maybe this is the point, Israel Vibration have always been stronger than the saddest things in life, but here Apple is alone, just alone by himself). Great. Consciousness, spirituality, acceptance of the other way of living (gays, lesbians, Christians and so on) and a strong messages about carry on regardless all the suffering in life, are the leading issues in this very powerful album. Do not miss this set. Try to imagine what means being one of the leading and most powerful Roots Reggae act during the 80's and later being alone under a bridge in a cold night in a foreign country without even being able to feed yourself. Do not download it illegally, help Apple. Give thanks. This is a very good Roots set from the contemporary era! Listen to the stellar five stars "Tower of Babel", and tell me I'm wrong!

1. Mr. Conman
2. Conman Version (Dub Version)
3. No Equality
4. Equal Version (Dub Version)
5. In The Jungle
6. Jungle Version (Dub Version)
7. Gifted Ones
8. Gifted Version (Dub Version)
9. Give Them Love
10. Hypocrites
11. Hypocrites Version (Dub Version)
12. We are the World
13. Worldly Version (Dub Version)
14. Praise Jahoviah --- best track here !
15. Holy Version (Dub Version)
16. She's My Comforter
17. Tower of Babel




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