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200? - Funfundvierzig - studio - discs:1

I admit it: I really do not know who is Action Fire. I bought it without checking around. I knew that it could had been risky but the cover was promising. This set is Dancehall except for a few songs. "Galingo" is a very nice tune with an ipnotic rhythm in a slow Modern Roots style. "Little Natty" is the second tune that I am able to approach: it is Dancehall but it sounds more meditative. The album has the same title and this should suggest that this was the main hit. The rest is too much tough for me. But this does not mean that it is not played well. I really try to feel the vibes for this kind of sounds but they do not succeed to touch me. I suppose that some Dancehall fans know Action Fire already and they appreaciate him. Unfortunately it is not my case. Never say never... but I suppose that this will be the only album that you will find in this page.


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