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1976 - Pressure Sounds - studio - discs: 1

The main force behind the harmony group called Inturns is the singer Wesley Tinglin. Trained in Trenchtown by the great Joe Hhiggs in his informal yard classes, there he met other singers as Ken Boothe, Jimmy Cliff and Alton Ellis. Wesley soon formed The Viceroys with Daniel Bernard and Bunny Gayle aka Linval Williams. Before forming the Inturns, the trio recorded "Babylon Deh Pon Fire" for Lee Perry at the legendary Black Ark Studio. The trio called himself Truth Fact And Correct. After this Wesley formed the Inturns with Neville Ingram and around 1976 begun recording the album "Consider Yourself" for Phil Pratt at Channel One. The mood it's Rokers with its distinctive drum sounds. Bunny Tom Tom aka Crucial Bunny was the engineer (real name Anthony Graham). This man has been crucial for the Channel One sound of the mid 70s. With lyrics filled of references to the life in Kingston, this album has some interesting material that stands above the rest. The gem here is undoubtlely "Nothing Is Impossible". Strong and quite heavy Rokers tune. Indeed the best of this nine tracks set. The second gem is for sure "Get To Know". Almost as strong as the previous track. "Jah Ho" must be mentioned. Recorded previously by Wesley as "Ya Ho" here is recut for Pratt. The song has been recorded also by The Gladiators, The Jayes and later in the 80s by Linval Thompson. Another very good version comes from Bunny Gayle, recorded in 1971 for Keith Hudson. If I should mention the other tracks that stand above of the others I choose the opening song "Send Us" plus "Do We Have To Fight". What else? The remaining tracks are a bit too much harmony based, relaxed as with some Gladiators songs. This doesn't mean that they are not good. Itìs just a matter of personal taste, as with this whole web site. Later when Linval Thomson re-recorded "Ya Ho", the Inturns became again The Viceroys, bringing in the singer Norris Reid. Curiosity: the third man pictured on the front of the LP is Phil Pratt. Notoriously shy, he wanted to be on the cover (on the left) to demonstrate his respect to the duo. All tracks recorded at Channel One, Kingston. Musicians: Lowell "Sly" Dumbar and Noel Donian (drums), Robbie Shakespeare (bass), Ansell Collins (keyboards), Eric "Bingy Bunny" Lamont and Radcliff "Dougie" Bryan (guitars), Noel "Skully" Simms (percussion), Wesley Tinglin and Neville Ingram.

1. Send Us
2. Consider Yourself
3. Detour
4. Jah Ho Jah
5. Nothing Is Impossible
6. Get To Know
7. Do We Have To Fight
8. Jah Ho
9. Sing A Good Song
10. Nothing Is Impossible (12" Mix) - CD bonus track
11. Detour (12" Mix) - CD bonus track


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